Everyone has a right to run for Office.

Every American who wishes to run for public office can pretty much do so.

As long as basic requirements are met. If that is the case. How did we get

into such a mess with Hillary Clinton. Since her ascension to being the

first flower of Ark. When Slick became Governor. To now acting as if not

a damn thing happened along the way to where she is now. If you were to

walk around believing this woman. You would believe Custer was alive and

living in a condo in Miami.


Lying to this woman has become her signature trait. Matter of fact. She would

rather lie then tell the truth even when she new it would help her. So why the

support and adoration for this woman.  Its kinda like knowing the neighbors dog

bit a whole bunch of kids. Just not your kid. And therefore he must be ok.

Good luck America. Come November try and elect a dog that hasn’t bit anyone.






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